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31 31UTC agosto 31UTC 2015

BMW X5 is an excellent car. Built like a tank and hdealns like a sports car. And no iDrive yet luckily.But take note. Since it’s built like a tank, the doors are extreamly heavy to open or close. You gotta be the gentle ( strong ) man to open the doors for the lady, the baby and the dog. If your wife has the baby in her hands and try to open the door of a X5 forget it!The steering is also on a heavier side and ride comfort is not so good for long distance.I had a 11 car pile up accident on the high way, and only had a few scratches on the X5. Can’t say the same of the others cars. Safety is like a tank.But since you like the snow, this is one thing a tank can do and X5 can’t. It cannot go off-road. There is no low diff gear box and the X5 is a wimp when taken to the mud and snow. The stupid thing is that it has a automatic hill-decent feature, but can’t actually get up the hill in the first place!!! Also, take note that the new X5 will be coming soon. Not sure what a monster or beauty Chris Bangle gonna make it. So if you really decide on the current X5, hanggle with the salesman for a better deal.

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