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1 01UTC setembro 01UTC 2015

When I read the comments I was sckhoed and asked God why you have created so many morons? Some comments extremely moronic and groundless. I am a shareholder of a Multinational Company which has many employees from different races and countries including Turks and Norwegians. Race never been an issue but skill and professional attitude in our company. I am proud to say that I am a Turk and very devoted Christian who knows how to follow Jesus without abusing his name. I am married with a noble Norwegian lady with lovely kids. I like to clarify Turks are not arabs nor pakis. Real Turks are caucasians, Genetically, historically and culturally they are more connected to Mongols, Hungarians, Finnish people and Yakutians. Turks adopted many religions. Whichever religion they believed they used in strong understanding and humanist way. Some well educated intellectual Jewish brothers will know that Turks (Khazarian Empire) only nation (Other than Hebrews) that adopted Judaism and strengthen over centuries with peace and integrity while some barbarian European nations slaughtered millions of Jews with co-operation of evil pagan Catholic leaders. There are some truth about today’s Turkland communities, social issues are exist. Especially those middle eastern minorities like Kurds having hard time to integrate modern world. Some evil terrorist western powers are brainwashing them giving them gun and explosives to terrorize Turkland even choosing most illiterate of them to give chance to reside in Europe to do shitty works to give bad image to turks while their real identity kurds. About pakistanis yes they are indeed stupid idiot dangerous people same like those evil people in europe slaughtered many jews. Pakis also slaughtered many innocent Hindus, Christians and they are getting the support from their western evil brothers to terrorized the world and make dirty money with drug trading. Probably you have made those statement because of your connection to those evil ignorant people. Learn about history, cultures and religions. Your statements showing that how stupid morons you are. I am helping you to realize the truth if you still want to bush around your stupid racist inhuman thoughts thats your own choice to go to hell with.Noblespirit

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