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31 31UTC agosto 31UTC 2015

That doesn’t even make sense.Think of it this way. You have a child that has grown two inches over the past two years. While the inecsare is good, if his peers grew seven inches during the same period there might be a problem. As I wrote above, given the destruction due to the Cash for Clunkers program, the artificially low rates, the age of the fleet, and the inecsare in the population we expected a recovery to produce sales of 16.5 million vehicles. The inecsare to 14 million is better than the lows but it is not enough to signal a healthy recovery.Got it yet?This is what I don’t understand about you. Things are not as good as you want them, so we’ve made zero progress? As I want them? No. I only see things as they are. If a recovery requires sales of 16 million that is what would signal that it is taking place. If sales fall short you may have an improvement but you do not have a recovery. Now I know that I do not always pay attention to my words and may write down things badly but I am pretty sure that the argument is logical and self explanatory. If your child has grown to be a tall midget it is still a midget. It is not the growth that matters at much as it the level that has been reached. No. That just doesn’t make sense. The fact is, auto retail sales is at the highest level since October 2008 and rising at a double-digit pace. Just because it is less that what you want doesn’t mean it is bad. It means your expectations were wrong.But you have a bigger population. You have a fleet that is very old and in need of replacement. You have taken away vehicles from the used vehicle market by the destructive Cash for Clunkers program. The inecsare is OK but for it to signal a recovery you need at least a million and a half to two million more sales. As I wrote above, a child can grow and still turn out to be a midget. So can an economy.

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