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31 31UTC agosto 31UTC 2015

, if takes action by indlig many of its domestic plants, close down the EU money losing operations, and concentrate on markets and activities that are profitable the company could be a steal.)My point is a bigger one. Not long ago analysts who had looked at the effect of the Cash for Clunkers, the age of the fleet, and the changing demographics were predicting more than 17 million vehicles being sold next year and around 16.5-16.7 million vehicles this year. The 14 million annualised sales figure signals a much weaker than expected economy. That is not good news no matter how much Mark tries to spin it. We SHOULD have had much bigger sales even if the recovery was relatively weak. From what I see the numbers are telling us that the economy is going at stall speed at best. I hope this is a bit clearer. Look, GM does not have the kind of power you think it does. 1 in 7 vehicles sold in the US are GM. They cannot possibly account for the rise in retail sales. As I wrote above, that was not the point I was trying to make. I merely pointed out that after accounting for all of the factors a decent economy would have produced more than 16 million sales.

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